Cpu Burn

Here's an App, which I have wrote originally in its original form in 2011. The initial goal was to test thermal limits of Mac I owned, or as it used to be called - burning-in.

Today, we have been given much more powerful and energy efficient CPUs in form of Apple Silicon. So having received an M1 based MacBook Pro - I was delighted to blow the dust off this old piece of code, comment out any features which have not been completed or which are no longer working due to platform changes. 

So given few cuts and many improvements in the code base.

Now freshly recompiled - I give you - CpuBurner app.

Before you download it. This application simply launches number of threads - as many as 4.5x the number of cores reported by the OS. Each thread performs number of random tasks, which will use up to 256MB per thread to perform random selection of operations, varying from random mathematical tasks through cryptographic operations.

Please note - that use of this software is on purely "under your own risk" and I take absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused by it. Clear Prop and G.Jaskiewicz take strictly no responsibility for any issues.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in speaking to me further about this software.  

Reach out to me via contact page. 




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