Clear Prop Ltd is an IT Consulting,  Solutions and Professional Services company providing applications development, support and maintenance and testing services in the Mobile, IoT, macOS arena. 


We employ agile methodologies that allow us to design, architect, build and implement robust, highly performant and scalable solutions using variety of technologies. We tailor technologies to each customer's requirement and produce solutions. 

We have worked with many agencies and companies in the past, those include - amongst others:


Channel 4 (Piksel)

Candy Space

Whether you’re developing a new concept or improving an existing product - we can lend our expertise to your project.


We work with clients to learn requirements and set priorities. Most importantly, we uncover what doesn’t need to be built at all.


We do sketches, wireframes, or mockups of the app’s interface. We work from overall flow to refined details.


We work with tools like Swift,  Java, Python and JavaScript to flesh out your product. Demos and feedback help us iterate.


When the product is ready, we support launching on the App Stores and collecting data for the next


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