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About Us

We are independent Software Makers

Started in 2013, to explore and help to deliver the new content delivery platform for various clients - including Channel 4 iOS (4OD) application. We have since worked on many applications. 


We are here to help you deliver your application from idea to the market. 

We create inspiring ideas
for a mobile first, digital everywhere generation.

Simply bring your idea to us, and we will help you along the way to bring it to reality. 


We have experience moving ideas from the initial stages all the way to the finished product delivered to your customers.

As well as developing the product, we can also help you maintain or improve existing product. 

Server Side Swift

Today's web is very diverse. Services can be implemented in many different languages, running on various platforms depending on the business requirements.

We have a lot of experience transitioning, developing and maintaining server-side APIs written in languages such as Swift. 


Our examples show us that migrating some Web API services to Swift can reduce platform cost as well as dramatically improve the responsiveness of some APIs.


Swift is a multi-platform language, most popular in the iOS and macOS developer community. Writing performance critical, mobile application facing APIs in Swift also reduces development and maintenance cost, by allowing us to use same tools during the development of both mobile, desktop and server software.  

iOS App

Have a great idea, but you're not sure about it?

Bring it to us. We will help you to create a prototype and test the idea. 

Clear Prop is based in the UK, and we can provide rapid turn around and excellent communication throughout the process. 

We specialise in delivering security solutions to your mobile platform.

The iOS app development

 macOS application software development. Based in Tonbridge. Working with customers in London and all over England

Experimental Applications

Working on your iOS app ideas

iOT embedded solutions